Powertex at Kookies Crafts

I am a certified level one Powertex tutor who believes that creativity is within everyone and is great for mental health and well being. I run Powertex workshops and Kookies is a registered seller of Powertex stock.
Powertex is an environmentally friendly  water-based textile hardener. It can harden absorbent materials such as – textiles, fabrics, paper, cardboard, leather, fibre-glass and air drying clay. You can use it to create stunning sculptures, paintings and decorative objects for inside or outside. All Powertex colours are water resistant except for the transparent one. But you can use the Easy Varnish to make it waterproof, it also works to protect the pigment powders you use and enhance your creations. Powertex takes 2/3 weeks to cure although it will be touch dry within an hour or two.

Powertexing is a great way to recycle, up-cycle, and use waste materials to create the most stunning pieces of work that you can be proud of.

I really love it as a creative medium and cannot wait to share my love for it with you. 

Viv x